back from italy

completely exhausted and at least 10lbs heavier :)

how was everyone’s thanksgiving?

home is where…

my cat, my bed, my sanity, my shower, my smart water, my air conditioning is… should i go on?

France and Morocco, you were amazing but i am glad to be home after two weeks of gorging myself, over exhausting myself, and under sleeping. 

can’t complain..

in the south of France for the next few days.

THIS sunday…

i’m headed off to Morocco then Aix-en-Provence. very last minute planning but i’ve never been to either and what better time when you actually have it.

anyone been to either? have suggestions of things i must see and do?


SWEET home. :)
what a GREAT trip but it feels good to be home!


been hiding in Canada the past couple days and am here till wednesday with little to no internet access and no phone! 

this is a test of old golden age. i don’t know how they did it. 


i’ll be there next weekend.

what do i need to see, do, experience in your city?