mustache mustache mustache mustache mustache

every man in Williamsburg has one.


was perfect scooting weather. no ending up on the bridge or freezing to the bone like yesterday. :D
brooklyn, i’m starting to like you. 

45 degrees

perfect day for a cold scooter ride.. I think I might!


looks like i’m moving to your hood come december. :D

last straw…

SO stressed out trying to find an apartment.

does anyone know anyone looking for a roommate? that doesn’t want to live in the ghetto, share a room, or live in a shoebox. must like cats but not have one.


new gig…

seems to be panning out VERY well.
on the other hand i better find an apartment ASAP or i’ll be in trouble.

in NYC

till 4pm then back again on Monday. these next few weeks are not going to be easy.

NEED to find a place to live!

new city, new blog…

if there’s interest in seeing what’s to come, you can follow my new life via bs in the city.