Made to measure shirt

A man starts off life by having his clothes bought for him. In time he begins to buy them for himself ‘off the rack’. And then there’s a fork in the road. When it’s encountered some chaps opt to return to the beginning and have their clothes bought for them. Others decide to continue to self-indulge, a journey that oft sees them pursue greater fineries. For such men, bespoke pieces are not just something of the ultimate, sartorial luxury, but when first indulged in bespoke pieces are also a right of passage.

Adding to their lustre, bespoke pieces were for a long time out of the reach of many. With the rise of the fashion label and all that it brought with it, bespoke suits became less coveted, custom made shirts almost unheard of. As it has done with so many other things, the rise of new media and e-commerce has changed all that. Now bespoke is firmly back on in the fashion forwards’ conscious, replacing the too often talked about ‘label’. And something else has cropped up in the middle, something that has always existed but was never as easily accessible: made-to-measure. The internet is now full of sites offering each of us the ‘tailored’ experience, with suits and shirts of all varieties offered at prices far cheaper than other custom offerings and sometimes cheaper than the high-street’s offerings.

But cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good. And made to measure don’t always convey quality. So with men everywhere at risk of buying made-to-measure shirts that make them look the fool, has set out to help find the perfect shirts to go along with the perfect suit. Because we’re that nice.

After the break you’ll find my thoughts on getting the best shirts possible, along with a review of the best clothiers from which to get them.