5 tips on men’s shirts


  1. Getting the perfect fit

    “Shirts come in neck sizes and often sleeve lengths as well, so as long as you know how these should fit (two fingers just about fit under the collar, sleeve stops at the base of your thumb) you’re most of the way there. Then, unless you can find a cut that’s exactly right, take the shirt to your tailor and get darts put in.”

  2. How to wash a shirt

    Put “extra detergent on the armpits, collar and double cuffs of a white shirt before you wash it. Sweat stains are a poor excuse to rid of a shirt.”

  3. Open necks = strong collars

    “Many things determine the ‘stand’ of a collar, which prevents it from folding up meekly below the lapel of your jacket and negating the point of wearing one. These things include the collar’s height, construction and spread.”

  4. White vs. blue

    White is clean, crisp and smart; it should always be the default at a formal event, indeed traditionally would always have been changed into for the evening. Blue is more versatile and flatters more skin types

  5. White vs. blue

    “Fraying isn’t necessarily bad. Like distressed jeans, it’s something some designers even add to shirts to make them seem more personal.”

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